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'Satva' means 'substance of the Earth in Hindi,' and this deep connection with nature is one of my constant inspirations. The magical aromas of nature are in constant flux, and this special quality has the power to perpetually excite us; a change of seasons, one's location, and even the time of day can alter a scent. There is nothing better than the smell of jasmine flowers in full bloom, fresh dirt from a garden after a rainstorm, or French lavender fields during the summer harvest. 

While creating the recipes for Satva, my intention was to create blends that invoke my experiences and love for our planet, ensuring that each blend incorporates notes of nature and can transport the user on a sensory journey.  

I believe that loving the Earth is not enough though – we also must respect it. This is why I dedicated years to researching and developing a line of products and principles that respect and value the natural abundance of our planet; a line that I feel proud to say is part of the clean beauty community. Satva’s sprays and perfumes are non-toxic and made with the finest organic and wildcrafted essential oils, floral waters, and carrier oils the world has to offer; additionally, our products are always free from sulphates, harsh chemicals, and parabens. 

In addition to non-toxic fragrance, I also support quality over quantity; because of this core belief, I make all of Satva’s orders one at a time, in the order in which they arrive. Thus, I ensure the highest level of excellence and freshness, and I have the great joy of making perfumes and aromatherapy sprays daily. 

Welcome to Satva Aromatics! Thank you for your inspiration and support. 

Debbie Hartung, Satva Owner & Perfumer



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